Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 Photos

Below are a selection of images from the event. We were lucky have Brian Redmond (, local boy Andy Mc and Ross Harding on hand to capture the action.
Racers, helpers, safety guys and organisers. Clare Glens Race 2009. Photo BR.

Tom Bannon On Big Eas. Photo RH.

Sometimes it just doesn't go to plan. Photo Andy Mc.

The race was not without risk and some racers paid the price for pushing too hard. The image shows Colin Wong in the pool below Big Eas. If you look closely you can see the swimmer behind the waterfall curtain. The small field and invitational element of the race allowed to organisers to deal with incidents like this quickly and effectively.

Tony Canning in mid-flight toward the curtain. The safety supplied by the local Limerick paddlers was top notch. Photo RH.

Local paddler and instructor Mike Jones on Big Eas. Photo RH.

Micky Barry, Big Eas. Photo RH.

Kilian Kelly, Little Eas. Photo BR.

Individual race champion Kilian Kelly signs in while Joules Dormer ensures everything is in order. Photo BR

The older race organiser really drivng the point home by totally avoiding eye contact. Photo BR.

Ali Donald, Hugh O'Donnell, Daithi Power and Micky Barry. Photo BR.

Walking in to the Team Race. Photo BR.

Ali Donald on the Run in To Big Eas. Photo BR.

Creator of the Clare Glens Guage, Mike Sweeney on Safety at Little Eas. Photo BR.

Sarah Hudson on Little Eas with Dave Carroll trying to keep up. Photo BR.

Barry O'Connell, back on the water following a long lay off with a dislocated shoulder. Photo BR.

Safety Briefing. Photo BR.

The gathering before the Indvidual Race

Kim Siekerman. Photo BR.

Limerick paddler and Clare Glens Race poster/graphics designer Matt O'Sullivan. Photo BR.

Individual Race Briefing. In this image the older race organiser has resorted to pointing his pen at unattentive racers to illustrate the point. Photo BR.

Kev Egan - he had run the river about ten times that week, maybe this may have helped him in guiding his team to the win? Photo BR.

Kipper Maguire/Keystroke Demo. Photo BR.

Impromtu BoaterX following the Individual Race. Photo BR.

Team Race Champions ULKC - Shane Lynch, Kev Egan (Capt.), Sean McTeirnan. Photo BR.

Individual Race Champion Kilian Kelly

Race organisers John O'Rourke and Ross Redmond. Photo BR.